Unzip Archives Online

Unzip Online is a free online tool that allows you to uncompress many formats of archives and optionally convert them to widely supported ZIP format.

Input formats: 7z, bar, bz2, bzip2, gz, gzip, jar, rar, tar, tbz, tgz, war, xz, z, zar, zip.

Select up to 10 files (200 MB max) of supported formats and click 'upload queue'.

When should I use UnzipOnline.com?

There are two cases when this tool is very helpful. First, if you need to decompress some rare archive format but can't install a special software. It often happens when you're working in a restricted environment or using compact/embedded devices. Second, if the file of your interest is in the internet, but you can't download it to your device. It's a common situation, when your connection speed is limited or traffic is very expensive.

What does UnzipOnline.com do?

This online tool allows to browse archives and download their files one by one. You can upload local archives or files right from the internet, even without downloading them to your device. This tool also converts many archive formats to ZIP, supported by most systems with no need to install any additional software. All submitted information will be stored on the web server for a maximum of 1 hour exclusively for your convenience.